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Head swivel on the ribosome facilitates translocation by means of intra-subunit tRNA hybrid sites

Ratje, A H and Loerke, J and Mikolajka, A and Brünner, M and Hildebrand, P W and Starosta, A L and Dönhöfer, A and Connell, S R and Fucini, P and Mielke, T and Whitford, P C and Onuchic, J N and Yu, Y and Sanbonmatsu, K Y and Hartmann, R K and Penczek, P A and Wilson, D N and Spahn, C M
Nature. 2010 Dec; 468(7324) 713-716
Status: published
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Northern blot detection of small RNAs.

Beckmann BM, Grünweller A and Hartmann RK.
Handbook of RNA Biochemistry. Wiley-VCH. Edited by R.K. Hartmann, A. Bindereif, A. Schön and E. Westhof.
Status: accepted

A single Arabidopsis organellar protein has RNase P activity

Gobert, A and Gutmann, B and Taschner, A and Gössringer, M and Holzmann, J and Hartmann, R K and Rossmanith, W and Giegé, P
Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2010 Jun; 17(6) 740-744
Status: published
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Northern blot detection of endogenous small RNAs (~14 nt) in bacterial total RNA extracts

Beckmann, B M and Grünweller, A and Weber, M H and Hartmann, R K
Nucleic Acids Res. 2010 May
Status: published
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